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T-Bird News
Laissez-faire Capitalist Economy at YHS

While playing a modified version of Monopoly,  students in Mr.
Steenhausen’s class experience the effects of a transition from a
laissez-faire capitalist economy to a government-regulated socialist
economy. Some students benefit while others suffer as the government
gradually imposes regulations such as progressive taxes, aid to the
working poor, price controls, and the nationalization of public utilities
and railroads.

Creating a Lung at YHS

Health and Biomedical science students in Mr. Piercy’s chemistry
classes constructed and tested a “model lung” to demonstrate the
principle of negative pressure breathing governed by “Boyle’s Law.”
Students Madyson Kerns and Michael Hajkowski conduct the
experiment and record the simulated breathing rate using a labquest,
computer, and pressure sensor. 
Commencement Information
Golden Knights over YHS

Last week, the Army Golden Knights dropped in on students and
staff of Yucaipa High School. Army officials praised the student
body's respect and patriotism.
Best Buddies at Knott's

Best Buddies students at Knott's Berry Farm yesterday.
Picture by Mr. Archer
Learning Swordplay at YHS

Swordplay demonstrations in Ms. deBaun's theatre classes
from Elizabethan Renaissance professionals Steve Leon and
Cory Brady.
Senior Showcase at YHS

Wednesday night's Senior Showcase took place in the Library.
Calimesa Public Library Bookmark Winners at YHS

Art instructor Jeff Marshall's students ran the table at the Calimesa
Public Library bookmark contest.
Engineering Academy at Sorenson Engineering

Juniors in the YHS Engineering Academy were taken on a tour of
Sorenson Engineering Monday morning.  5 senior Academy students
currently have internships with Sorenson.

Night in the Trenches at YHS

Friday night into Saturday morning, 150 YHS sophomores and
juniors participated in the historical reenactment of World War I
trench warfare. Created by YHS faculty members John Taylor and
David Paul, students and local reenactors participated in a realistic
World War I battle scene.
Check out photography instructor Scott Kennedy's images of the evening.
Surfing T-Birds

Coach Frank Solis took his Beach and Recreation PE class to
the beach to get in a little surfing.
Final 2016 Thunderstruck
Collegiate Letter of Intent Signing at YHS

Anthony Becker, a CIF Masters wrestler,  has signed with Northern
State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  He is surrounded by
members of the wrestling team. (Scott Kennedy photo)
2016 ASB Election Results
ASB President-Bridger Palmer
ASB Vice President-Lorin Costello
Senior Class President-Kerston Corns
Senior Class Vice President-Chris Womack
Senior Class Secretary/Treasurer-Jordan Herron
Senior Class Representative-Brecken Palmer
Junior Class President-Gwenyth Kirkland
Junior Class Vice President-Anatasia Zacky
Junior Class Secretary/Treasurer-Bethany Maksimuk
Junior Class Representative-Madi Parr
Sophomore Class President-Brooklyn Oxandaboure
Sophomore Class Vice President-Jakob Fermanian
Sophomore Class Secretary/Treasurer-Taylor Beck
Sophomore Class Representative-Payton Watson
2016-2017 ASB Commissioners
ASB Secretary-Brynn Salisbury
ASB Treasurer-Jada Dorrough
​Commissioner of Sports-Tyler Paxton
Commissioner of Diversity-Jessica Landreth
Commissioner of Spirit-Coral Tomaso
​Commissioner of Clubs-Nicole Gordon
Commissioner of Media/Tech-JT Clemente-Kyle Bott
Commissioner of Publications-Matthew Jacobson-Alyssa Moore
Commissioner of Fine Arts-Bradley Sakul
Commissioner of Elections-Jordan Barger
Commissioner of Activities-Lyndsay Winters-Cody Keddie
Commissioner of Dance-Marie Johnson
The Army Golden Knights at YHS

The Army Golden Knights Parachute Team dropped in on YHS
Thursday. Thanks to Coach Frank Solis and the U.S. Army for
the amazing demonstration. video  (Mark Watkins photo and video)
Scott Kennedy's photo gallery     Sgt. Carlos Garcia's photo gallery
Swearing In at YHS

10 Yucaipa and area seniors completed their induction into the
Army by taking their oath in front of the YHS student body Thursday.
Summer School Info
Army Donation to YHS

Along with the amazing Golden Knights show, the Army donated
$2500 to YHS. Army officials stated they have never seen high
school students stand so fast for the flag and national anthem.
Parachute Packing at YHS

Students in Ms. Haggerty's and Mrs. Kidd's LPS classes got a first
hand demonstration of how the Golden Knights' parachutes operate. 
Student Justin Mayo got to help repack a parachute that was used
in today's jump.  Luckily, he did it right!
Inventing and Helping Humanity at YHS

Junior Micah Raney recently completed the prototype of an
electronic range finder for visually impaired people. Raney's device,
parts of which where printed on one of YHS' 3D printers, will be
entered in the 2016 Google Science Fair.
Culturing Bacteria at YHS

1st Year Health Academy students practice aseptic technique and
learn how to plate and culture bacteria as they zero in on the cause
of death of the fictional Anna Garcia and prepare to attend a
medical symposium to present their findings

2016 Hozoni Atet and Junior Ushers at YHS

One of the most enduring traditions at Yucaipa High School is the
naming of the Hozoni Atet/Junior Usher class. Nomination to the
Hozoni Atet/Junior Ushers is based solely on academic performance.

Design by Josh Samra
In the Classroom - John Taylor
Thunderbirds at YHS

Local Yucaipa artist Bob Walker added the long overdue finishing
touch to the Q Building Friday. A special T-Bird thank you goes
out to Charlie Rabico for his generous donation to the project.

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